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Welcome to our Project-SpellBound
A Virtual reality game which mixes the virtual world with our own

Our Game includes new technologies such as:



· Develop a multiplayer mixed reality experience that is visibly, audibly, and kinesthetically engaging, but most importantly provides tactile feedback as well
· The theme of this project is integration. Integrating the promises of hardware that is soon to come in MR applications.

Problem Statements

· In light of the advancements in the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, sectors in the mixed reality industry, the value of haptic perception is often undermined.
· By emphasizing the haptic perception aspect to the mixed reality experience can add an extra dimension and depth to a field that is projected to have many positive prospects.


· Projected market for MR applications is booming
· The relevance of VAMR applications are becoming more prevalent o E.g. New iPhone, Internet of Things


· Lack of strategy-based MR games
· Only notable FPS multiplayer is Onward for the HTC vive.
· Not many MR experiences provide feedback other than auditory, visual, or kinesthetic