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a creative content sharing platform with the use of blockchain technology


Have you ever wondered whether there is any ownership or originality right to your work that posted online? That your contribution and efforts can be rewarded? With blockchain, this could all be done.

This project aims to provide a secure media sharing platform via the means of blockchain technology. It also aims to ensure artwork sharing under the protection of blockchain record and that the users’ copyrights and property rights can be preserved.

This project serves as the Final Year Project from the Course COMP4801 with project code FYP18003 of the Computer Science Department, University of Hong Kong

Building a healthy artwork sharing community

With the secure platform that uses blockchain technology to record every artwork shared, we hope the it can build up a reliable website that let everyone to exchange their ideas.

To motivate people who use AGORA to make improvement and contribution to the artworld by expending the network of people to gather different ideas.


YAM Mei Ki, Vanessa
LAU Siu Ming, Alex
Supervisor: Dr. J.T.H. Yuen

Contact number

9583 2188