Bioinfomatics Research Group

Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong


Bioinformatics Research Group of Hong Kong University

This is a research group with a history of two decades. Active faculty members include Francis Chin (group leader), Ho-Leung Chan, Hubert Chan, Tak-Wah Lam, Hing-Fung Ting, Wai Wan Tsang and Siu-Ming Yiu. Unlike other research groups, we do not have specially equipped laboratories. Yet we have a group of talented and motivated graduate students working closely with us. Our research mainly focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms in areas like approximation algorithms, bioinformatics, compressed data structures, computational geometry, data streams, frequency allocation, on-line scheduling, metric spaces, parallel and distributed computing, and statistical computing. In the past decade, our research work has been very successful, solving a number of interesting open problems. Our results have been published in prestigious international journals and conferences (e.g., SIAM Journal on Computing, JACM, Algorithmica, SODA, FOCS and STOC). Some of these works are results of collaboration with scholars from overseas universities (such as CMU, U of California, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, National University of Singapore, IBM Research). Our PhD graduates have taken up teaching posts in University of London (King’s College), Liverpool, Leicester, National Univeristy of Singpore, Tsinghua University (Taiwan). On the other hand, we have also contributed in some practical projects such as building the search engine currently used by the Hong Kong Telecom Directory Enquiry System.