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Project Title : An Advanced Distributed Java Virtual Machine on Commodity Clusters for High-Performance Memory-Intensive Computing

Period: 09/2006-08/2008.



Java is by far the most popular programming language today. Its popularity is in large part due to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which has made millions of computing devices on the face of the earth Java-ready. This project is on the design and implementation of a Distributed Java Virtual Machine (DJVM) which is to turn a distributed system into a powerful Java-ready computer. With a DJVM, multiple threads in a single Java program can be executed in parallel to exploit extreme computation power. We target at an advanced DJVM design setting out to solve two problems that have remained open after years of DJVM research: (1) limitation on the usable memory space; (2) the lack of an effective load model for global thread scheduling. Specifically, we propose a huge global object space (HGOS) design for implementing a large Java heap in a DJVM that can break the 4-gigabyte limit in 32-bit commodity clusters. We also propose devising a more accurate thread-centric load model which can facilitate global thread scheduling through thread migration. The resulting system will be most suitable for large-scale scientific applications having a huge demand for memory, such as bio-computing, particle simulation, and commercial data mining.

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