C.L. Wang’s  Current and Previous Students


2014 Wu Hao

Hao Wu Ph.D., 2/2012-, Japonica project (GPU Computing)

Zhaorui Zhang, PhD, 10/2015-, Large-scale Distributed Deep Learning Computing)

Xin Yau, PhD, 9/2016 Fault-Tolerance and Large-scale Distributed Deep Learning


Xu Pengfei (PhD, 9/2017-, Mobile GPU Computing  and Deep Learning 

Ji Zhouran (PhD, 9/2018-, Mobile GPU Computing  and Deep Learning)

Xueyu  Wu (PhD, 9/2018 -), Distributed Deep Learning System




Tang Yifeng, (9/2019-, GPU Computing)


Research Assistants & Visiting Professor





Qimeng ZHANG, RA (07/2016-)

Dr. King Tin LAM, Senior RA, (02/2012-)

Weizhi Liu, RA, Japonica project, 11/2014-03/2017)

Hongyuan Liu, RA, Japonica project, 11/2014- 08/2016)

Shuangxi Wang, 9/2015- 8/2016); Kilo-Sim project


Dengke Zhang, RA. (7/2014-6/2015)

Mr. Zhiquan Lai, Research assistant, Power Management on Manycore Systems.  (9/2012-10/2013)

Prof. Xiu Xu, visiting professor, 01/2015- 06/2015

Yinfeng Wang  (2011-2012, Postdoc)








M.Sc Project students:

·       2019,    2018,         2017,         2016,        2015


2015 MSc students: Shuhan Li ( ???, HK-SAP),  Chenri Jiang (???), Jinxiong Chang (ASTRI), Weizhi Liu (HKU),  Hongyuan Liu (HKU), Roger Yi, Yusheng Zhang (???), Zhou Jun (????big data team in Beijing)

2014 Hu Jiannan


Mr. Ying Li (??, 2014)

Mr. Jianan Hu (2014)

Mr. Haosu Yan (2014)

Summer Research Interns:

1.    Songtao He (???), U. of Science and Technology of China (2014)

2.    Jianbang Wu (???), Peking U. (2013)

3.    Yanfeng Zhou (Mark): CE/HKU (2013)

4.    Zhetao Wang, CS/HKU (2013)

5.    Huanxin Lin (Billy), CE/HKU (2013)

6.    Jian Li (Henry), CE/HKU (2013)

7.    Ruohan Chang (Kevin), CE/HKU (2013)

8.    Chuxiong Shen: CS3/HKU (2012)

9.    Denny Lin: CS2/HKU (2012)


Graduated Ph.D Students:

Anthony T.C. Tam (2001): Performance Studies of High-Speed Communication on Commodity Cluster (Thesis in PDF)

Yudong Sun (2002): A Distributed Object Model for Solving Irregularly Structured Problems on Distributed Systems (Thesis in PDF)

Wenzhang Zhu (2005): Distributed Java Virtual Machine with Thread Migration (JESSICA2 Projec) (Thesis in PDF)

Wei Jian Fang (2005): Distributed Object Sharing for Cluster-based Java Virtual Machine (JESSICA2 Project) (Thesis in PDF)

Benny Cheung (2005): Large Object Space Support for Software Distributed Shared Memory (LOTS Project)

Ching Han Yu (2006): Memory Management Strategies to Improve the Space-Time Performance of Java Programs.

Lin Chen (2006): Process Migration and Runtime Scheduling for Parallel Tasks in Computational Grids ( G-JavaMPI projec) (graduation photo)

Roy Ho: Process Roaming (graduation photo)

Ken Tsang (2008) : Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with mSCTP

Mark Tsang (2008): Multicast Techniques for Bandwidth-demanding Applications in Overlay Networks

Haoyu (Dexter) Hu (???)(2011): “ContextTorrent: a Context Provisioning Framework for Pervasive Applications”.

Sheng Di (??)(2011): “Optimal Divisible Resource Allocation for Self-Organizing Cloud”.

King Tin LAM, Ph.D (9/2006-02/2012). Thesis: “Efficient Shared Object Space Support for Distributed Java Virtual Machine”.

Ka Kui (Ricky) MA, Part-time Ph.D (01-Sep-2005 to 28-Feb-2010), Thesis : “Lightweight Task Mobility Support for Elastic Cloud Computing”.

Kinson Chan (???), Ph.D (9/2009-2013), Distributed Software Transactional Memory with Clock Validation on Clusters

  2014 Mingzhe

 Mingzhe Zhang (???), (Ph.D, 9/2013-08/2018) Crocodiles project (Fault-Tolerance, Manycore Computing)

Billy Lin

Huanxin Lin (Billy), PhD, 9/2014-2019, Japonica project (GPU Computing)


Graduated M.Phil Students:


David C. M. Lee (1999): Efficient Communication Subsystem for Cluster Computing

Matchy C.M. Ma (1999):  JESSICA: Java-Enabled   Single-System-Image Computing Architecture.

Benny W. L. Cheung (2000):  Migrating-Home Protocol for Software Distributed-Memory System

Raymond K. P. Wong (2002) High-Speed Network Interface for Commodity SMP Cluster

Ka Kui Ma (2002) : Transparent Process Migration for Parallel Java Computing


Chun Pun Ng (2002) : Document Distribution Algorithms for Distributed Web Server

Nalini Belaramani (2002) : A component-based software system with functionality adaptation for mobile computing  (Thesis)

Yuk Chow (2002): A Lightweight Mobile Code System for Pervasive Computing (Thesis)

Vivien Kwan (2002): An Intelligent Proxy Server System for Pervasive Computing (Thesis)

Yu Fei Sit (2002) : Cyclone : High-Performance Cluster-based Web Server System

Ling Zhou (2002): Document Replication and Distribution Algorithms for Load Balancing in Geographically Distributed Web Server Systems

Weisong Chen (2004): Data Management in Pervasive Environment

Tianqi Wang (2004): An Architecture to Support Scalable Distributed Virtual Environment Systems on Grid

Po Lam Siu (2004): Context-aware State Management for Supporting Mobility in a Pervasive Environment (Thesis)

Choi Yu Kong (2004): Effective Partial Ontology Mapping in Pervasive Computing Environment  (Thesis)

Chun Yin (Justin) Ho (2008): Group-based Checkpoint/Rollback Recovery for Large Scale Message-passing Systems

Yang Luo (2007): Performance Modeling and Load Balancing for Distributed Java Virtual Machine (Facebook)

Kinson Chan (2009): An Adaptive Software Transactional Memory Support for Multi-Core Programming

Zheming (Bolla) Xu (2010): WAVNet: Wide-Area Virtual Network for Dynamic IaaS Provisioning

Chenggang Zhang (???) (2011: “Run-Time Loop Parallelization with Efficient Dependency Checking on GPU-Accelerated Platforms”.

Luwei Cheng ( ???), M.Phil (09/2009-08/2011). Thesis: “Defeating Network Jitter for Virtual Machines”.

Weida Zhang, M.Phil (9/2010-2013): WAVnet project (Live VM Migration over WAN).

Guodong Han (???), M.Phil (1/2011-2013). Japonica project (GPU Computing).