Henry Chi-Ming, Leung

Department of Computer Science
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Email: cmleung2@cs.hku.hk

Phone: (852) 2857 8465


Henry C.M. Leung got his PhD degree on Bioinformatics in the University of Hong Kong. His research interest is on the Motif Discovering Problem in DNA and protein sequences and the results have been published in various international conference and journals.


My research interest is in motif discovery. In order to decode set of genes for producing different proteins, a molecule called transcription factor has to bind to a short region (binding site) in the upstream of each of these genes. These binding sites should have the same length and similar pattern. The motif discovering problem is to find out the common pattern, motif, from the upstream of a set of co-expressed genes without knowledge of the positions of the binding sites.


Journal papers

Conference papers


ALSE is a software package for finding motifs from two sets of sequences (containing and not containing binding sites), which is ready for public access http://alse.cs.hku.hk/. This website is on the first page when searching in google under the keyword "motif finding".