Software Security and System Lab


Software Debloating

We are designing and building a new software debloating system that aims to push the limit of attack surface reducation and achieve high robustness.

Software Testing

We are building software testing systems using program analysis, symbolic execution, and fuzzing.

Binary Code Analysis

We are developing binary code analysis systems with state-of-the-art program analysis techniques and machine learning models.

Video Game Security

We are developing systems to defend video game cheating.

Project X

We do brainstorming all time. New projects might come soon.


Ph.D. Students

  • Jiayi Lin (From 2022-04)

  • Qingyu Zhang (From 2022-09)

  • Yingying Liu (From 2023-09)

  • Junzhe Li (From 2023-09)

  • Jiayi Zhang (From 2024-05)

Research Assistants

  • Chenxin Sun
  • Liangcai Su
  • Kai Ye