• COMP296 Object-Oriented Programming and Java
    1st semester, 2022-23.
    Lectures: Thu 10:30 - 12:20 at CPD-LG.18.
  • COMP3317 Computer Vision
    2st semester, 2022-23.
    Lectures: Thu 10:30 - 12:20 at CBA.


Final Year Projects


  • Machine Learning in Archaeology, Leung Hiu Ching (CS), Chan Yu Yan (CS), and Chu Wai Kit (CS).
  • Speeding Up Examination of Heart Diseases through the Use of 3D Echocardiography and Machine Learning, Lu Meng (CS), Chen Yixiang (CS), Guo Ruoxuan (CS), and Chen Xueqing (CS).


  • Deep Learning Based Heart Disease Prediction, Gao Enge (CS) and Choi Chong Hing (CS).
  • Deep Learning Based Knee Osteoarthritis Predication, Lee Ka Wo (CS).
  • Deep Learning Based Spine Deformity Prediction, Chen Xinda (CS) and Mishra Anchit (CS).


  • A low-cost IoT device for preventing the spread of COVID-19, Chan Yat Ming (CS) and Cheung Tsz Jing (CS).


  • Detecting landmarks of the spine in X-ray images for diagnosis of scoliosis using deep learning, Pan Tianqi (CS), Guo Shengyue (CS), and Huang Chun Wing (CS).
  • Early diagnosis of scoliosis in children from RGB-D images using deep learning, Li Gengyu (CS) and Huang Siyi (CS).
    International Top 20 in The James Dyson Award 2020
    InnoShow Award 2020
    FYP 2019-2020
  • Frontal view synthesis of face images using deep learning, Wu Haoyu (CS) and Li Xueer (CS).
  • Hand Pose Estimation from Images and Videos, Agrawal Dhruv (CS).


  • Face Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Learning, Lo Tsz Fung (CS), Tsang Suet Ying Florence (CS), and Wong Man Yu (EngSc).
  • Semantic Segmentation of Videos Using Deep Learning, Cai Jinyu (CS) and Zhang Qiping (CS).
  • Transparent Object Matting using Deep Learning, Rahim Jamal Ahmed (CS).
    Champion in HKU CS Final Year Project Competition 2019
    FYP 2018-2019
  • Visual Embedding of Chinese, Shen Zhuoran (CS) and Yao Qingning (CS).


  • Computer Vision Assisted Pick and Place Robotic Arm, Shen Siyuan (CS).


  • Object recognition with videos, Liu Bingbin (CS).
  • AI bot to make the best decision for the customer, Chen Xusheng (CS), Huang Kai (CS), and Tan Zhanwen (CS).


  • A mobile app for visualizing 4D echocardiogram, Yu Kaicheng (CS) and Zheng Zhaomin (CS).
    1st runner-up in HKU CS Final Year Project Competition 2016
    FYP 2015-2016


  • Point Cloud to Mesh, Tang Chi Kit (CS) and Yiu Ka Wa (CS).


  • Smart Phone as Remote Controller/Game Console, Hui Chi Fai (CS) and Ma Kwan Ho (CS).
  • Gesture Recognition on Smart Phone, Kung Tin Lok (IS/CS) and Li Yin Kong (IS/CS).


  • Intelligent Mirror for Augmented Fitting Room Using Kinect, Ho Chung Yin Billy (CS), Ma Cheuk Kiu (CS), and Ngai Ka Kit (CS).


  • What are you looking at?, Mo Wing Fat (CS) and Wan Ho Lun (CS).


  • 3D Tracking Using Wii Remote, Hui Ying Kit (CS) and Leung Wai Chun (CS).
  • Building a Multi-Touch Interface Using a Webcam, Chow Ho King (CS) and Leung Fu Tuen (CS).


  • Let's Dance, Yip Ling (CS).
  • Face Tracking and Animation, Choi Wai Tin Benny (CS), Chow Wing Ki Esther (CS), and Ngai Mei Sze Macy (CS).


  • Anti-tailgating, Lai King Cheuk (CS) and Ying Chun Ching (CS).
    1st runner-up in HKU CS Final Year Project Competition 2008
    FYP 2007-2008


  • Motion Detection and Its Application in Games, Ho Ding Ning Daniel (CS).
    Top 5 in HKU CS Final Year Project Compeition 2007
    FYP 2006-2007


  • Smart Video Surveillance System, Ng Hoi Yin (CE) and To Ho Wai (CE).


  • Gesture-Based Human Computer Interface, Kong Kit Hang (CS), Yau Cheuk Lam (CS), Ho Katy Hai Ling (CS), and Ng Ka Shun (CS).
    FYP 2004-2005
  • Gesture-Based Human Computer Interface, Fong Wing Leung (CE) and Chan Kai Yip (CE).
  • Human Character Animation with Motion Capture, Lau Wai On (CE) and Lam Ka Kit (CE).
  • Extracting surface representations from 3D space curves, Chen Hai (CS).


  • Bull's-Eye, Brian Ho (CSIS) and John Lau (CSIS).
    1st runner-up in HKU CSIS Final Year Project Competition 2004
    Distinction team award in the IiTEC 2004
    FYP 2003-2004
  • Bull's-Eye, Leung Ka Fai (CE) and Chow Kam Yuen (CE).
  • A Distortion-Free Camera-Projector Presentation System, Law Kin Yung (CE).
  • Navigating Aibo the Electronic Pet Using Its Vision, Chan Koon Hin (CE).


  • Face Recognition, Man Kwok Ming (CSIS) and Cheung Chi Wai (CSIS).
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