The "Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Measurement and Application Design Competition" is organized by Faculty of Engineering, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), and Hong Kong Meteorological Society (HKMetSoc), and is supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund. It aims to enrich students' knowledge in both engineering and meteorology.


Through organizing the competition, the project aims at

Eligibility and Categories

All primary and secondary school students of Hong Kong are welcome to take part in the competition. Teams fall into either of the two categories: Primary school and Secondary School. A team should comprise 1 teacher advisor and a maximum of 5 students. A student can participate in only one team, while a teacher is allowed to act as an advisor of more than one team. At most three teams can come from each school. Each team is required to submit one set of deliverables as follows:


All the teams should observe the requirements R-01 to R-08 below:

Reqt. Description
R-01 There is no restriction on the choices of materials for the device. The cost for the design and fabrication of the device, excluding desktop/notebook computers, tablets or mobile phone (for data archival and analysis, if applicable), should be less than HKD 1500. There will be no subsidy from organizers for implementing the device.
R-02 The report should be concise, preferably with a length of no more than 10 pages (cover page excluded, diagrams included) and in PDF format.
R-03 Digital photos of the device should be delivered (in zip format) together with the report.
R-04 Submission of report and photos should be sent to the specified email address before the deadline of submission, otherwise it will not be entertained.
R-05 Each group is required to attend the project exhibition. Judging will be held during the exhibition. In the whole period fo the exhibition, at least one team member (excluding teacher advisor) must be present. Team members are expected to answer questions raised by the judges and visitors. Details of the exhibition will be provided a week before the exhibition.
R-06 The UV radiation measurement device should be capable of measuring UV radiation and report automatically or when checked manually.
R-07 The device should give UV radiation measurement readings to demonstrate its capability and effectiveness.
R-08 The device should make use of UV and turns it into an application.

Workshops and activities

Registered participants are eligible for attending workshops and visits organized by the HKU Faculty of Engineering, Hong Kong Observatory and Hong Kong Meteorological Society. A tentative schedule of the activities, with highlighted important dates, is tabled in the Schedule page. Attendance certificates will be issued to registered team members and teacher advisors participating in talks and attended the project exhibition with their measurement device and its application.


  1. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify entries and reclaim prizes awarded should the entries be found to have violated any Requirement, copyright or Hong Kong Laws.
  2. Decisions of the Judging Panel are final.
  3. Participants accept that their prize winning entries may be released or published in media designated by the organizer.
  4. Acknowledgment of the receipt of the submitted report and photos will be sent via email within one week of the receipt. Enquiries can be made by email in the Enquiries page.


Registration should be completed on or before 2017-10-23[Mon]. Participants can register online. Late registration will not be entertained.

Submission of Deliverables

Judging Criteria

The judging panel consists of professionals from HKU Faculty of Engineering, Hong Kong Observatory and Hong Kong Meteorological Society. The judging criteria are as follows:

Criterion Description
J-01 Research Content of report, data collection and testing methodologies.
J-02 Innovation How innovative ideas have been applied in the design of UV measurement or using UV radiation in an application.
J-03 Effectiveness How effective the UV measurement device is.
J-04 Practicability How UV radiation is applied in the device and how practical it is.
J-05 Appearance Does the device look sleek, neat and tidy?
J-06 Presentation Performance in the project exhibition.


The prizes of each category are as follows:

Prize Award
Champion A trophy, a book coupon and a HKO souvenir will be awarded to the team, and a certificate to each team member.
First runner-up
Second runner-up
The Most Innovative UV Radiation Measurement Device Award A book coupon and a HKO souvenir will be awarded to the team, and a certificate to each team member.
The Most Attractive UV Radiation Measurement Device Award
The Most Effective UV Radiation Measurement Device Award
The Most Practical UV Radiation Application Award
The Best Presentation Award
My Favourite UV Radiation Measurement Device Award A certificate will be awarded to each team member
My Favourite UV Radiation Application Award

*** Selected outstanding text report(s) could also become the entries of the competition of the Outstanding Educational Projects (E-Prize) under the Hong Kong Meteorological Society Heywood Young Scientist Award Scheme.

Exhibition, Results and Award Presentation

All participating teams are required to attend the UV Radiation Measurement and Application Design Exhibition which is tentatively scheduled on 2018-04-29[Sun]. Judging will be done in the morning. The results of the competition will be announced in the afternoon, and awards will then be presented. The exhibition will be open to the public. All the visitors can vote for the "My Favourite UV Radiation Measurement Device" and the "My Favourite UV Radiation Application" Award winner. Parents, teachers and students are welcome. For details, please refer to the Exhibition page.


Supporting Organization

Funding support

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