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    I am now a final year PhD student in Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong. My supervisor is Prof. Yizhou Yu. Ealier, I received B.S. from NUAA in 2009 and M.S. from Zhejiang University in 2011 under guidance of Prof. Ligang Liu. I also spent two years (2011-2013) in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong as a research associate of Dr. Hongbo Fu.
Office  Rm335A, HW building, HKU

Email  hanxiaoguangcagd@gmail.com

Phone (+852) 54931738
*A glance of my research works*
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* 2017.07.19 Our work "High Resolution Shape Completion Using Deep Neural Networks for Global Structure and Local Geometry Inference" has been accepted to ICCV 2017 .
* 2017.04.06 Our work "DeepSketch2Face: A Deep Learning Based Sketching System for 3D Face and Caricature Modeling" has been conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH 2017 .
* 2016.02.14 Our work "A fast propagation scheme for approximate geodesic paths" has been accepted to Computational Visual Media 2017 and journal of Graphical Models.
* 2016.04.20 Our work " Fast and Exact Discrete Geodesic Computation Based on Triangle-Oriented Wavefront Propagation " has been accepted by SIGGRAPH 2016 .
* 2015.05.26 Our work "3D Human Model Reconstruction from Sparse Uncalibrated Views" has been accepted by IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications for future publication.
* 2015.05.26 Our work "An L1 Image Transform for Edge-Preserving Smoothing and Scene-Level Intrinsic Decomposition" has been accepted by SIGGRAPH 2015 .
* 2013.12.04 Our work "Data-driven Suggestions for Portrait Posing" got the Best Demo Award at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013!
* 2013.09.04 Our work "Data-driven Suggestions for Portrait Posing" is also accepted by Siggraph Aisa 2013 Technical Briefs.