Poster Session 1

Monday 3/30 15:30-17:30

  1. Alexander Markowetz, Yin Yang, and Dimitris Papadias: Reachability Indexes for Relational Keyword Search
  2. Torsten Grust, Manuel Mayr, and Jan Rittinger: XQuery Join Graph Isolation
  3. Guoliang Li, Xiaofang Zhou, Jianhua Feng, and Jianyong Wang: Progressive Top-k Keyword Search in Relational Database
  4. Xiangmin Zhou, Xiaofang Zhou, and Athman Bouguettaya: A Subspace Symbolization Approach to Content-based Video Search
  5. Lu Qin, Jeffrey Yu, Lijun Chang, and Yufei Tao: Scalable Keyword Search on Large Data Streams
  6. Anastasios Kementsietsidis and Min Wang: Supporting Efficient Evaluation of Data Provenance Queries
  7. Michael Compton: Finding equivalent rewritings with exact views
  8. Yinan Li, Bingsheng He, Qiong Luo, and Ke Yi: Tree Indexing on Flash Disks
  9. Tiancheng Li, Ninghui Li, and Jian Zhang: Modeling and Integrating Background Knowledge in Data Anonymization
  10. Zutao Zhu, Guan Wang, and Wenliang (Kevin) Du: Deriving Private Information from Association Rule Mining Results
  11. Tingjian Ge and Stan Zdonik: Light-weight, Runtime Verification of Query Sources
  12. Wentian Lu and Gerome Miklau: Auditing a Database Under Retention Restrictions
  13. Wenchao Zhou, Yun Mao, Boon Thau Loo, and Martin Abadi: Unified Declarative Platform for Secure Networked Information Systems
  14. Soumyadeb Mitra, Shashank Yaduvanshi, Marianne Winslett, and Rick Snodgrass:Regulatory Compliant Database Management System
  15. Charu Aggarwal: On High Dimensional Projected Clustering of Uncertain Data Streams
  16. Ke Yi, Xiang Lian, FeiFei Li, and Lei Chen: The World in a Nutshell: Concise Range Queries
  17. Jin Chen, Liping Ji, Wynne Hsu, Kien-Lee Tan, and Seung Rhee: Exploiting Domain Knowledge to Improve Biological Significance of Biclusters with Key Missing Genes
  18. Wenfei Fan/Bell Labs, Floris Geerts, and Ming Xiong: Discovering Conditional Functional Dependencies
  19. Shixi Chen, Haixun Wang, and Shuigeng Zhou: Concept Clustering for Evolving Data
  20. Yao Wu and Louiqa Raschid: ApproxRank: Estimating rank for a subgraph
  21. Arnd Koenig, Kenneth Church, and Martin Markov: A Data Structure for Sponsored Search
  22. Cristian Duda, Donald Kossmann, Gianni Frey, Reto Matter, and Chong Zhou: AJAX Crawl: Making AJAX Applications Searchable
  23. Heasoo Hwang, Andrey Balmin, Berthold Reinwald, and Erik Nijkamp: BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority-Based Search Using Materialized SubGraphs
  24. Weixiong Rao, Ada Fu and Lei Chen: STAIRS: Towards Efficient Full-Text Filtering and Dissemination in a DHT Environment
  25. Michael Schmidt, Thomas Hornung, Georg Lausen, and Christoph Pinkel: SP^2Bench: A SPARQL Performance Benchmark
  26. Boduo Li, Mei Hui, Jianzhong Li, and Hong Gao: iVA-File: Efficiently Indexing Sparse Wide Tables in Community Systems
  27. Risi Thonangi, Hao He, Mountain View, California, USA, AnHai Doan, Haixun Wang, and Jun Yang: Weighted Proximity Best-Joins for Information Retrieval
  28. Amit Manjhi, Inc., Charles Garrod, Bruce Maggs, Todd Mowry, and Anthony Tomasic: Holistic Query Transformations for Dynamic Web Applications
  29. Charu Aggarwal: A Framework for Clustering Massive-Domain Data Streams
  30. NAVENDU JAIN, Austin, Praveen Yalagandula, Mike Dahlin, and Yin Zhang: Self-Tuning, Bandwidth-Aware Monitoring for Dynamic Data Streams
  31. Mirco Stern(TH), Erik Buchmann(TH), and Klemens Bohm(TH): Towards Efficient Processing of General-Purpose Joins in Sensor Networks
  32. Graham Cormode, Vladislav Shkapenyuk, Divesh Srivastava, and Bojian Xu: Forward Decay: A Practical Time Decay Model for Streaming Systems
  33. Himanshu Gupta, Xianjin Zhu, and Xiang Xu: Deductive Framework for Programming Sensor Networks
  34. Manish Bhide, Venkatesan Chakaravarthy, Krithi Ramamritham, and Prasan Roy: Keyword Search over Dynamic Categorized Information
  35. Julie Letchner, Christopher Re, Magdalena Balazinska, and Matthai Philipose: Access Methods for Markovian Streams
  36. David Martin and Joseph Halpern: Shared Winner Determination in Sponsored Search Auctions
  37. Ke Deng, Hu Xu, Shazia Sadiq, Yansheng Lu, Gabriel Fung, and Heng Shen: Processing Group Nearest Group Query
  38. Zhengdao Xu and Arno Jacobsen: Expressive Location-based Continuous Query Evaluation With Binary Decision Diagrams
  39. Yunjun Gao, Baihua Zheng, Gencai Chen, Wang-Chien Lee, USA, Ken Lee, and Qing Li: Visible Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor Queries
  40. Tejas Bapat, Kasim Candan, Venkata Cherukuri, and Hari Sundaram: AURA: Enabling Attribute-based Spatial Search in RFID Rich Environments
  41. Sai Wu, Quang Hieu Vu, Jianzhong Li, and Kien-Lee Tan: Adaptive Multi-Join Query Processing in PDBMS
  42. Ami Eyal and Avigdor Gal: Self Organizing Semantic Topologies in P2P Data Integration Systems
  43. Jun Hong, Zhongtian He, and David Bell: Extracting Web Query Interfaces Based on Form Structures and Semantic Similarity
  44. Boris Glavic and Gustavo Alonso: Perm: Processing provenance and data on the same data model through query rewriting
  45. Alpa Jain, Panagiotis Ipeirotis, AnHai Doan, and Luis Gravano: Join Optimization of Information Extraction Output: Quality Matters!
  46. Myung-Jae Park and Chin-Wan Chung: iBroker: An Intelligent Broker for Ontology Based Publish/Subscribe Systems
  47. Cong Yu, Laks Lakshmanan, and Sihem Amer-Yahia! Research: Efficient Recommendation Diversification Using Explanations
  48. Daniel Deutch and Tova Milo: Evaluating TOP-K Queries Over Business Processes
  49. Ying Zhang, Xuemin Lin, Yufei Tao, and Wenjie Zhang: Uncertain Location based Range Aggregates in a multi-dimensional space
  50. Bhargav Kanagal and Amol Deshpande: Efficient Query Evaluation over Temporally Correlated Probabilistic Streams
  51. Zhen Hua Liu and Ravi Murthy: A Decade of XML Data Management : An Industrial Experience Report from Oracle
  52. Henrique Andrade, Bugra Gedik, Kun-Lung Wu, and Philip Yu: Scale-up Strategies for Processing High-Rate Data Streams in System S
  53. Lik Wong, Nimar Arora, Thuvan Hoang, Lei Gao, and Jingwei Wu: Oracle Streams: a High Performance Implementation for Near Real Time Asynchronous Replication
  54. Parke Godfrey, Jarek Gryz, Andrzej Hoppe, Wenbin Ma and Calisto Zuzarte: Query Rewrites with Views for XML in DB2