Computer forensics is one of the key focus areas of CISC. The first computer forensics research project in CISC is DESK (Digital Evidence Search Kit), a computer forensic software that is designed to assist law enforcement agencies to examine, acquire, analyze, search and document the digital evidence of a computer system. DESK is developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Police. In 2006, CISC has developed the software BTM (also called Lineament ) to monitor and detect potential Internet piracy for Customs & Excise Department, HKSAR.

Besides tools development, CISC has a team of computer forensics researchers to perform basic and applied research in computer forensics. The computer forensic research team consists of 2 PhD students, 1 full time research staff, 2 full time engineers and 1 part-time engineer. Every year, some final year students select computer forensics project as their final year project, such as buffer-overflow attack, spyware implementation, BitTorrent analyzer, etc.

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