Current Ph.D. Students

Yangrui Chen: Ph.D. student 2017 - present

Hanpeng Hu: Ph.D. student 2018 - present

Ziyue Luo: Ph.D. student 2018 - present

Zhe Zhang: Ph.D. student 2019 - present

Xiaoyang Zhao: Ph.D. student 2019 - present

Shiwei Zhang: Ph.D. student 2020 - present

Chenyu Jiang: Ph.D. student 2020 - present

Yuchen Zhong: Ph.D. student 2020 - present

Junwei Su: Ph.D. student 2021 - present

Juntao Zhao: Ph.D. student 2022 - present

Current MPhil. Students

Chongyu Zhao: MPhil. student 2020 - present

Yuran Sun: MPhil. student 2021 - present

Jiyue Jiang: MPhil. student 2021 - present

Cheng Pan: MPhil. student 2021 - present


Bingqian Du: Ph.D. 2022

Xiaodong Yi: Ph.D. 2021; AI Technology Researcher with Tencent, Shenzhen, China

Le Fang: M.Phil. 2021

Yixin Bao: Ph.D. 2020; research scientist with Facebook, U.S.

Yanghua Peng: Ph.D. 2020; research scientist with ByteDance, Seattle

Qihang Sun: Ph.D. 2019; currently application researcher with WeChat, Tencent, Guangzhou, China

Jingpu Duan: Ph.D. 2018; currently researcher in Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China

Xiaoxi Zhang: Ph.D. 2017; currently associate professor in Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Xiaoke Wang: M.Phil. 2016, co-supervised with Prof. Francis Lau

Weijie Shi: Ph.D. 2016; first job with Jane Street Hong Kong

Shengkai Shi, M.Phil. 2014; first job with Lenovo Hong Kong

Xuanjia Qiu, Ph.D. 2014; first job with DJI, Shenzhen, China

Jian Zhao: Ph.D. 2013; currently assistant professor in Shenzhen Technology University

Yu Wu: Ph.D. 2013; currently associate professor in Southern University of Science and Technology

Hongxing Li: Ph.D. 2012, co-supervised with Prof. Francis Lau; currently with Google U.S.

Linquan Zhang: M.Phil. 2012 (Awardee of Li Ka Shing Prize for the year of 2011-2012)

Hongxian Sun: M.Phil. 2012

Chenguang Kong: M.Phil. 2011

Wei Huang: M.Phil. 2010

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