If you are a beginner, you can either follow our weekly training or "Part 1, USACO Training Program" below. Our training sessions are organized online as Vjudge virtual contests, which you can participate in whenever and wherever you like.

For non-beginners, there are some lecture notes for your reference at the bottom of this page.

Weekly training for beginners Briefing on training in 2016 spring:
Part 1, USACO Training Program
This is a training program for beginners. You can improve your coding skill and learn basic algorithms through the training program.

The homepage of the training gateway is You can register an account and start solving problems.
The problems are organized as chapters and sections, which are labeled as “PROB”. The tutorials are labeled as “TEXT”. Please read the tutorials carefully before continuing to solve problems.
Part 2, Algorithms in ICPC
We will cover the following topics in this part: Lectures: