Thanks GroupSense for funding this award!

The following two papers received the Best Paper Awards: (1) "Debugging OpenStack Problems using a State Graph Approach" by Yong Xiang, Hu Li, Sen Wang, Charley Peter Chen, and Wei Xu; and (2) "Time Capsule: Tracing Packet Latency across Different Layers in Virtualized Systems" by Kun Suo, Jia Rao, Luwei Cheng, and Francis C.M. Lau. Congratulations!

The registration desk will open at 8 AM on August 4 & 5.

Call this HOTLINE if you need any help during the 2-day workshop: 5626 4411 (voice only).

The Venue page has been updated.

A typhoon (Nida) is approaching Hong Kong, but according to official reports, it should be completely clear of the way by Wednesday and things will be back to normal then. So please stay assured that APSys 2016 will be held as scheduled. Expect a bit or rain though during the two days of our workshop.

The Accommodation page is updated. Please book your hotel ASAP!


The workshop will be held in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) campus, which sits directly on top of an MTR station (the HKU Station), and is thus easily accessible from anywhere that’s on the MTR lines.

You don’t have to stay near HKU (the red area) as the choices of hotels there are limited, and the area is less exciting than the other areas (the green and the purple areas).

We kindly ask our attendees to book your hotel on your own. Because the time of the conference is in the middle of summer vacation, we recommend that you make your booking as soon as possible.

We recommend the following online booking sites:,,,, ctrip

For the red area (within walking distance), we recommend the following hotels: