Accepted papers

Accepted Research Papers

Long Papers

Sequence Pattern Query Processing over Out-of-Order Event Streams
Mo Liu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Ming Li, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Denis Golovnya, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Elke Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Kajal Claypool, Lincoln Labs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Unified Declarative Platform for Secure Networked Information Systems
Wenchao Zhou, University of Pennsylvania; Yun Mao, University of Pennsylvania; Boon Thau Loo, University of Pennsylvania; Martin Abadi, Microsoft Research

PSALM: Cardinality Estimation in the Presence of Fine-grained Access Controls
Huaxin Zhang, University of Waterloo; Ihab Ilyas, University of Waterloo; Kenneth Salem, University of Waterloo

ApproxRank: Estimating rank for a subgraph
Yao Wu, University of Maryland; Louiqa Raschid, University of Maryland

A Latent Topic Model for Complete Entity Resolution
Liangcai Shu, SUNY at Binghamton; Bo Long, SUNY at Binghamton; Weiyi Meng, SUNY at Binghamton

Modeling and Integrating Background Knowledge in Data Anonymization
Tiancheng Li, Purdue University; Ninghui Li, Purdue University; Jian Zhang, Purdue University

A Framework for Clustering Massive-Domain Data Streams
Charu Aggarwal, IBM

A Data Structure for Sponsored Search
Arnd Koenig, Microsoft Research; Kenneth Church, Microsoft Research; Martin Markov, Microsoft Corp.

On Efficient Query Processing of Stream Counts on the Cell Processor
Dina Thomas, Stanford University; Rajesh Bordawekar, IBM Watson Research Center; Charu Aggarwal, IBM; Philip Yu

Top-k Set Similarity Joins
Chuan Xiao, University of New South Wales; Wei Wang, UNSW; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales - Australia; Haichuan Shang, UNSW

Deductive Framework for Programming Sensor Networks
Himanshu Gupta, Stony Brook University; Xianjin Zhu, Stony Brook University; Xiang Xu

Spatial Range Querying for Gaussian-Based Imprecise Query Objects
Yoshiharu Ishikawa, Nagoya University; Yuichi Iijima, Nagoya University; Jeffrey Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Keyword Search over Dynamic Categorized Information
Manish Bhide, IBM India Research Lab; Venkatesan Chakaravarthy, IBM Research; Krithi Ramamritham, IIT Bombay; Prasan Roy, Aster Data System

Topologically-sorted Skylines for Partially-ordered Domains
Dimitris Sacharidis, NTUA; Stavros Papadopoulos, HKUST; Dimitris Papadias, HKUST

Improving Transaction-time DBMS Performance and Functionality
David Lomet, Microsoft Research; FeiFei Li, Florida State University

Access Methods for Markovian Streams
Julie Letchner, University of Washington; Christopher Re, University of Washington; Magdalena Balazinska, University of Washington; Matthai Philipose, Intel Research Seattle

Effective XML Keyword Search with Relevance Oriented Ranking
Zhifeng Bao, NUS; Tok Wang Ling, NUS; Bo Chen; Jiaheng Lu

XOntoRank: Ontology-Aware Search of Electronic Medical Records
Fernando Farfan, Florida International University; Vagelis Hristidis, Florida International University; Anand Ranganathan, IBM T.J. Watson Research; Michael Weiner, Center for Aging Research, Indiana University

Computing distance histograms efficiently in scientific databases
Yicheng Tu, University of South Florida; Shaoping Chen, Wuhan University of Technology; Sagar Pandit, University of South Florida

Confidence-Aware Join Algorithms
Parag Agrawal, Stanford University; Jennifer Widom, Stanford University

Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data
Graham Cormode, AT&T Labs--Research; Minos Garofalakis, Yahoo! Research

Efficient Distribution of Full-Fledged XQuery
Ying Zhang, CWI; Nan Tang, CWI; Peter Boncz

Resolution-Aware Query Answering for Business Intelligence
Yannis Sismanis, IBM; Ling Wang, IBM Silicon Valley; Ariel Fuxman, Microsoft Research; Peter Haas, IBM Almaden Research Center; Berthold Reinwald, IBM Almaden Research Center

Fa: A System for Automating Failure Diagnosis
Songyun Duan, Duke University; Shivnath Babu, Duke University

Online Interval Skyline Queries on Time Series
Bin Jiang, Simon Fraser University; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University - Canada

Efficient Processing of Warping Time Series Join of Motion Capture Data
Yueguo Chen, NUS; Gang Chen, Zhejiang University, China; Ke Chen; Beng Chin Ooi, National University of Singapore

Reverse Furthest Neighbors in Spatial Databases
Bin Yao, Computer Science Department, Florida State Unversity; FeiFei Li, Florida State University; Piyush Kumar, Computer Science Department, Florida State Unversity

Instant Advertising in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks
Zaiben Chen, University of Queenslabd; Heng Shen, University of Queensland; Quanqing Xu, Peking University; Xiaofang Zhou, U. of Queensland - Brisbane

Routing Questions to the Right Users in Online Communities
Yanhong Zhou, Peking University; Gao Cong, Microsoft China; Bin Cui, Peking University; Christian Jensen, Aalborg University; Junjie Yao, PKU

STAIRS: Towards Efficient Full-Text Filtering and Dissemination in a DHT Environment
WEIXIONG RAO, CUHK; Ada Fu, Chinese U. of Hong Kong; Lei Chen, HKUST

STAR: Steiner-Tree Approximation in Relationship Graphs
Gjergji Kasneci, Max-Planck Institute ; Maya Ramanath; Mauro Sozio, Max-Planck Institute; Fabian Suchanek, Max-Planck Institute; Gerhard Weikum, MPI

Finding Time-lagged 3D Clusters
Xin Xu, National University Hospital of Singapore; Ying Lu, UIUC; Kien-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore; Anthony Tung, National U. of Singapore

AJAX Crawl: Making AJAX Applications Searchable
Cristian Duda, ETH Zurich; Donald Kossmann, ETH Zurich; Gianni Frey, ETH Zurich; Reto Matter, ETH Zurich; Chong Zhou

Keyword Search in Spatial Databases: Towards Searching by Document
DONGXIANG ZHANG, NUS; Yeow Meng Chee, Nanyang Technological University; Anirban Mondal; Anthony Tung, National U. of Singapore; Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo

Supporting Database Applications as a Service
Mei Hui, National University of Singapore; Yuan Zhou, NUS; Guoliang Li, Tsinghua University; Dawei Jiang, National Univ. of Singapore

Querying Communities in Relational Databases
Lu Qin, CUHK; Jeffrey Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Lijun Chang, CUHK; Yufei Tao, CUHK

SP^2Bench: A SPARQL Performance Benchmark
Michael Schmidt, Freiburg University; Thomas Hornung, Freiburg University; Georg Lausen, Freiburg University; Christoph Pinkel, MTC Infomedia OHG

Perm: Processing provenance and data on the same data model through query rewriting
Boris Glavic, Universitat Zurich; Gustavo Alonso, ETH Zurich

Top-k Exploration of Query Candidates for Efficient Keyword Search on Graph-Shaped (RDF) Data
Thanh Tran, AIFB; Sebastian Rudolph; Philipp Cimiano; Haofen Wang

Continuous Subgraph Pattern Search over Graph Streams
Changliang Wang, HKUST; Lei Chen, HKUST

Distributed Structural Relaxation of XPath Queries
Georgia Koloniari, University of ioannina; Evaggelia Pitoura, University of Ioannina

Sketching Sampled Data Streams
Florin Rusu, University of Florida; Alin Dobra, university of Florida

Recommending Join Queries Via Query Log Analysis
Xiaoyan Yang, NUS; Cecilia Procopiuc, AT&T Labs-Research; Divesh Srivastava, AT&T Research

Probabilistic Inference over RFID Streams in Mobile Environments
Thanh Tran, UMass Amherst; Charles Sutton, UC Berkeley; Richard Cocci, UMass Amherst; Yanming Nie, UMass Amherst; Yanlei Diao, Umass; Prashant Shenoy, UMass Amherst

Deriving Private Information from Association Rule Mining Results
Zutao Zhu, Syracuse University; Guan Wang, Syracuse University; Wenliang (Kevin) Du, Syracuse University

Best Effort Top-K Query Processing Under Budgetary Constraints
Michal Shmueli-Scheuer, UC Irvine; Chen Li, UC Irvine, USA; Yosi Mass, IBM Haifa Research Lab; Haggai Roitman, Israel Institute of Technology; Ralf Schenkel, Max-Planck-Institut Informatik; Gerhard Weikum, MPI

Sketch-based Summarization of Ordered XML Streams
Veronica Mayorga, UCSC; Neoklis Polyzotis, UCSC

Predicting Multiple Metrics for Queries: Better Decisions Enabled by Machine Learning
Archana Ganapathi, UC Berkeley; Harumi Kuno, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto; Umeshwar Dayal, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto; Janet Wiener, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto; Armando Fox, UC Berkeley; Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley; David Patterson, UC Berkeley

Self-Tuning, Bandwidth-Aware Monitoring for Dynamic Data Streams
NAVENDU JAIN, Univ. of Texas, Austin; Praveen Yalagandula, HP Labs; Mike Dahlin, Univ. of Texas at Austin; Yin Zhang, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Aggregate Query Answering under Uncertain Schema Mappings
Avigdor Gal, Technion; Maria Vanina Martinez, University of Maryland; Gerardo Simari, University of Maryland; VA Subrahmanian, University of Maryland

Space-Constrained Gram-Based Indexing for Efficient Approximate String Search
Alexander Behm, UC Irvine; Shengyue Ji, UC Irvine; Chen Li, UC Irvine, USA; Jiaheng Lu, UC Irvine

SPROUT: Lazy vs. Eager Query Plans for Tuple-Independent Probabilistic Databases
Jiewen Huang, Oxford University; Dan Olteanu, Oxford University; Christopher Koch, Cornell U.

Exploring a Few Good Tuples From Text Databases
Alpa Jain, Columbia University; Divesh Srivastava, AT&T Research

Large-Scale Deduplication with Constraints using Dedupalog
Arvind Arasu, Microsoft Research; Christopher Re, University of Washington; Dan Suciu, U. of Washington

Power Hints for Query Optimization
Nico Bruno, Microsoft Research; Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research; Ravishankar Ramamurthy, Microsoft Research

Semantics of Ranking Queries for Probabilistic Data and Expected Ranks
Graham Cormode, AT&T Labs--Research; FeiFei Li, Florida State University; Ke Yi, HongKong UST

BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority-Based Search Using Materialized SubGraphs
Heasoo Hwang, UC San Diego; Andrey Balmin, IBM Almaden; Berthold Reinwald; Erik Nijkamp

Context-Aware Object Connection Discovery in Large Graphs
James Cheng, HKUST; Yiping Ke, Chinese University Of Hong Kong; Wilfred Ng, HKUST; Jeffrey Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

iVA-File: Efficiently Indexing Sparse Wide Tables in Community Systems
Boduo Li, Harbin Institute of Technology; Mei Hui, National University of Singapore; Jianzhong Li, Harbin Institute of Technology; Hong Gao, Harbin Institute of Technology

Probabilistic Skyline Operator over Sliding Windows
Wenjie Zhang, UNSW; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales - Australia; Ying Zhang, UNSW; Wei Wang, UNSW; Jeffrey Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

A Spreadsheet Algebra for a Direct Data Manipulation Query Interface
Bin Liu, EECS, University of Michigan; H Jagadish, University of Michigan

Light-weight, Runtime Verification of Query Sources
Tingjian Ge, Brown University; Stan Zdonik, Brown U.

A Robust Technique to Ensure Serializable Executions with Snapshot Isolation DBMS
Mohammad Alomari, The University of Sydney; Alan Fekete, The University of Sydney; Uwe Rohm, University of Sydney

Flexible XML Querying Using Skyline Semantics
Sara Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Maayan Shiloach, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Another Outlier Bites the Dust: Computing Meaningful Aggregates in Sensor Networks
Antonios Deligiannakis, Technical University of Crete; Yannis Kotidis, Athens University; Vasilis Vassalos, AUEB, Greece; Vassilis Stoumpos, University of Athens; Alex Delis, University of Athens, Greece

Non-Exposure Location Anonymity
Haibo Hu, HKBU; Jianliang Xu, Hong Kong Baptist University

Towards Efficient Processing of General-Purpose Joins in Sensor Networks
Mirco Stern, Universitat Karlsruhe (TH); Erik Buchmann, Universitat Karlsruhe (TH); Klemens Bohm, Universitat Karlsruhe (TH)

Double Index Nested-loop Reactive Join for Result Rate Optimization
Mihaela Bornea, AUEB; Vasilis Vassalos, AUEB, Greece; Yannis Kotidis, Athens University; Antonios Deligiannakis, Technical University of Crete

Parallel Skyline Computation on Multicore Architectures
Sungwoo Park, POSTECH; Taekyung Kim; Jonghyun Park; Jinha Kim; Hyeonseung Im

Distance-based Representative Skyline
Yufei Tao, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong; Ding Ling; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales - Australia; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University - Canada

Shared Winner Determination in Sponsored Search Auctions
David Martin, Cornell University; Joseph Halpern, Cornell University

Supporting Generic Cost Models for Wide-Area Stream Processing
Olga Papaemmanouil, Brandeis University; Ugur Cetintemel, Brown University; John Jannotti, Brown University

Join Reordering by Join Simulation
Chaitanya Mishra, University of Toronto; Nick Koudas, U. of Toronto

Contextual Ranking of Keywords Using Click Data
Utku Irmak, Yahoo! Inc; Vadim Brzeski, Yahoo! Inc; Reiner Kraft, Yahoo! Inc

Weighted Proximity Best-Joins for Information Retrieval
Risi Thonangi, Duke University; Hao He, Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA; AnHai Doan, University of Wisconsin; Haixun Wang, IBM USA; Jun Yang, Duke University

Ranking with Uncertain Scores
Mohamed Soliman, University of Waterloo; Ihab Ilyas, University of Waterloo

Auditing a Database Under Retention Restrictions
Wentian Lu, UMass; Gerome Miklau, University of Massachusetts

Join Optimization of Information Extraction Output: Quality Matters!
Alpa Jain, Columbia University; Panagiotis Ipeirotis, New York University; AnHai Doan, University of Wisconsin; Luis Gravano, Columbia University

Recursive Computation of Regions and Connectivity in Networks
Mengmeng Liu, University of Pennsylvania; Nicholas Taylor, University of Pennsylvania; Wenchao Zhou, University of Pennsylvania; Zachary Ives, University of Pennsylvania; Boon Thau Loo, University of Pennsylvania

Efficient Mining of Closed Repetitive Gapped Subsequences from a Sequence Database
Bolin Ding, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; David Lo, National University of Singapore; Jiawei Han, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Siau-Cheng Khoo

Minimizing Communication Cost in Distributed Multi-query Processing
Jian Li, University of Maryland; Amol Deshpande, University of Maryland; Samir Khuller, University of Maryland

Differencing Provenance in Scientific Workflows
Zhuowei Bao, University of Pennsylvania; Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Universit? Paris-Sud; Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania; Anat Eyal, University of Pennsylvania; Sanjeev Khanna, University of Pennsylvania

Online Anomaly Prediction for Robust Cluster Systems
Xiaohui Gu, NCSU; Haixun Wang, IBM USA

Distance Oracles for Spatial Networks
Jagan Sankaranarayanan, University of Maryland; Hanan Samet, University of Maryland

Adaptive Scheduling of Web Transactions
Shenoda Guirguis, University of Pittsburgh; Mohamed Sharaf, University of Toronto; Panos Chrysanthis, University of Pittsburgh; Alexandros Labrinidis, University of Pittsburgh; Kirk Pruhs, University of Pittsburgh

Forward Decay: A Practical Time Decay Model for Streaming Systems
Graham Cormode, AT&T Labs--Research; Vladislav Shkapenyuk, AT&T Labs - Research; Divesh Srivastava, AT&T Research; Bojian Xu, Iowa State

Leveraging COUNT Information in Sampling Hidden Databases
Arjun Dasgupta, University of Texas Arlington; Nan Zhang, University of Texas Arlington; Gautam Das, University of Texas Arlington

Similarity Group-by
Yasin Silva, Purdue University; Walid Aref, Purdue University; Mohamed Ali, Microsoft

BP-Wrapper: A System Framework Making Any Replacement Algorithms (Almost) Lock Contention Free
Free Xiaoning Ding, The Ohio State University; Song Jiang, Wayne State University; Xiaodong Zhang, The Ohio State University

GraphSig: A Scalable Approach to Mining Significant Subgraphs in Large Graph Databases
Sayan Ranu, University of California, SB; Ambuj Singh, UC Santa Barbara

On Efficient Recommendations for Online Exchange Markets
Zeinab Abbassi, University of British Columbia; Laks Lakshmanan, U. of British Columbia

An Architecture for Regulatory Compliant Database Management
Soumyadeb Mitra, UIUC; Marianne Winslett, University of Illinois; Rick Snodgrass, University of Arizona; Shashank Yaduvanshi, IIT Delhi; Sumedh Ambokar

Using Anonymized Data for Classification
Ali Inan, University of Texas at Dallas; Murat Kantarcioglu, UT Dallas; Elisa Bertino, Purdue University

Short papers

Transaction Support for Log-Based Middleware Server Recovery
Rui Wang, Microsoft; Betty Salzberg; David Lomet, Microsoft Research

Privacy Preserving Publishing on Multiple Quasi-Identifiers
Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University - Canada; Yufei Tao, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong; Jiexing Li, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Xiaokui Xiao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

FF-Anonymity: When Quasi-Identifiers Are Missing
Ke Wang, Simon Fraser University; Yabo Xu, Simon Fraser University; Ada Fu, Chinese U. of Hong Kong; Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Outsourcing of Private Spatial Data for Search Services
Man Lung Yiu, Aalborg University; Gabriel Ghinita, National University of Singapore; Christian Jensen, Aalborg University; Panos Kalnis, National University of Singapore

Processing Group Nearest Group Query
Ke Deng, University of Queensland; Hu Xu, HUST; Shazia Sadiq; Yansheng Lu; Gabriel Fung; Heng Shen, University of Queensland

Separating Authentication from Query Execution in Outsourced Databases
Stavros Papadopoulos, HKUST; Dimitris Papadias, HKUST; Weiwei Cheng, NUS; Kien-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore

X-CSR: Dataflow Optimization for Distributed XML Processing Pipelines
Daniel Zinn, UC Davis; Shawn Bowers, UC Davis; Timothy McPhillips, UC Davis Genome Center; Bertram Ludaescher, UC Davis

On High Dimensional Projected Clustering of Uncertain Data Streams
Charu Aggarwal, IBM

Expressive Location-based Continuous Query Evaluation With Binary Decision Diagrams
Zhengdao Xu, University of Toronto; Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto

Self Organizing Semantic Topologies in P2P Data Integration Systems
Ami Eyal, Technion; Avigdor Gal, Technion

Reachability Indexes for Relational Keyword Search
Alexander Markowetz, HKUST; Yin Yang, HKUST; Dimitris Papadias, HKUST

XQuery Join Graph Isolation
Torsten Grust, Universitat Tuebingen; Manuel Mayr, Technische Universitat Muenchen; Jan Rittinger, Technische Universitat Muenchen

Distinct Counting with a Self-learning Bitmap
Aiyou CHEN, Bell Labs Alcatel-Lucent; Jin Cao, Bell Labs Alcatel-Lucent

Decision Trees for Uncertain Data
Smith Tsang, The University of Hong Kong; Ben Kao, The University of Hong Kong; Kevin Y. Yip, Yale University; Wai-Shing Ho, The University of Hong Kong; Sau Dan Lee, The University of Hong Kong

Holistic Query Transformations for Dynamic Web Applications
Amit Manjhi, Google, Inc.; Charles Garrod, Carnegie Mellon University; Bruce Maggs, Carnegie Mellon University; Todd Mowry, Carnegie Mellon University; Anthony Tomasic, Carnegie Mellon University

The World in a Nutshell: Concise Range Queries
Ke Yi, HongKong UST; Xiang Lian, HKUST; FeiFei Li, Florida State University; Lei Chen, HKUST

Progressive Top-k Keyword Search in Relational Database
Guoliang Li, Tsinghua University; Xiaofang Zhou, U. of Queensland - Brisbane; Jianhua Feng; Jianyong Wang, Tsinghua University

An Incremental Threshold Method for Continuous Text Search Queries
Kyriakos Mouratidis, Singapore Management Uni.; HweeHwa Pang, Singapore Management Uni.

A Subspace Symbolization Approach to Content-based Video Search
Xiangmin Zhou, CSIRO; Xiaofang Zhou, U. of Queensland - Brisbane; Athman Bouguettaya, CSIRO

Evaluating TOP-K Queries Over Business Processes
Daniel Deutch, Tel Aviv University; Tova Milo, Tel Aviv University

Scalable Keyword Search on Large Data Streams
Lu Qin, CUHK; Jeffrey Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Lijun Chang, CUHK; Yufei Tao, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

Visible Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor Queries
Yunjun Gao, Singapore Management University; Baihua Zheng, Singapore Management Univ.; Gencai Chen, Zhejiang University; Wang-Chien Lee, Penn State Univ., USA; Ken Lee; Qing Li

Scheduling Updates in a Real-time Stream Warehouse
Lukasz Golab, AT&T Labs - Research; Theodore Johnson, AT&T Labs - Research; Vladislav Shkapenyuk, AT&T Labs - Research

AURA: Enabling Attribute-based Spatial Search in RFID Rich Environments
Tejas Bapat, Arizona State University; Kasim Candan, Arizona State University; Venkata Cherukuri, Arizona State University; Hari Sundaram, Arizona State University

Web Monitoring 2.0: Crossing Streams to Satisfy Complex Data Needs
Louiqa Raschid, University of Maryland; Avigdor Gal, Technion; Haggai Roitman, IBM Haifa Research Labs and Technion

Exploiting Domain Knowledge to Improve Biological Significance of Biclusters with Key Missing Genes
Jin Chen, Carnegie Institution for Science; Liping Ji; Wynne Hsu, Nat. University of Singapore; Kien-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore; Seung Rhee,

Supporting Efficient Evaluation of Data Provenance Queries
Anastasios Kementsietsidis, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; Min Wang

Using Semantics for Speech Annotation of Images
Chaitanya Desai, UC -Irvine; Dmitri Kalashnikov, UCI; Sharad Mehrotra, Univ. of California Irvine

Discovering Conditional Functional Dependencies
Wenfei Fan, University of Edinburgh/Bell Labs; Floris Geerts, University of Edinburgh; Ming Xiong, Bell Labs

Integrating and Ranking Uncertain Scientific Data
Todd Detwiler, University of Washington; Wolfgang Gatterbauer, University of Washington; Brent Louie, University of Washington; Dan Suciu, U. of Washington; Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, University of Washington

Adaptive Multi-Join Query Processing in PDBMS
Sai Wu, NUS; Quang Hieu Vu, NUS; Jianzhong Li, Harbin Institute of Technology; Kien-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore

Finding equivalent rewritings with exact views
Michael Compton, CSIRO

Uncertain Location based Range Aggregates in a multi-dimensional space
Ying Zhang, UNSW; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales - Australia; Yufei Tao, City Univ. of Hong Kong; Wenjie Zhang, UNSW

Efficient Evaluation of Multiple Preference Queries
Leong Hou U; Nikos Mamoulis, University of Hong Kong; Kyriakos Mouratidis, Singapore Management Uni.

iBroker: An Intelligent Broker for Ontology Based Publish/Subscribe Systems
Myung-Jae Park, KAIST; Chin-Wan Chung, KAIST

Extracting Web Query Interfaces Based on Form Structures and Semantic Similarity
Jun Hong, Queen's University Belfast; Zhongtian He, Queen's University Belfast; David Bell, Queen's University Belfast

Efficient Indices using Graph Partitioning in RDF Triple Stores
Ying Yan, SAP Research Center, China; Chen Wang, IBM CRL; Aoying Zhou, East China Normal university - China; Weining Qian, East China Normal University, China; Li Ma; Yue Pan, IBM CRL

Privacy-Preserving Singular Value Decomposition
Shuguo Han, Nanyang Technological U; Wee Keong Ng; Philip Yu

OPAQUE: Protecting Path Privacy in Directions Search
Chi Keung Lee, PSU; Wang-Chien Lee, Penn State Univ., USA; Hong Va Leong, HK Polytechnic University; Baihua Zheng, Singapore Management Univ.

Metric Functional Dependencies
Nick Koudas, U. of Toronto; Avishek Saha, University of Utah; Divesh Srivastava, AT&T Research; Suresh Venkatasubramanian, University of Utah

On General Proximity Privacy
Ting Wang, Georgia Tech; Shicong Meng, Georgia Tech; Bhuvan Bamba, Georgia Tech.; Ling Liu, Georgia Tech

Efficient Private Record Linkage
Mohamed Yakout, Purdue University; Mikhail Atallah, Purdue University; Ahmed Elmagarmid, Purdue University

BioNav: Effective Navigation on Query Results of Biomedical Databases
Abhijith Kashyap, SUNY Buffalo; Vagelis Hristidis, Florida International University; Michalis Petropoulos, SUNY Buffalo; Sotiria Tavoulari, Yale University

Efficient Table Anonymization for Aggregate Query Answering
Cecilia Procopiuc, AT&T Labs-Research; Divesh Srivastava, AT&T Research

Max Regional Aggregate over Sensor Networks
Yongzhen Zhuang, HKUST; Lei Chen, HKUST

Efficient Recommendation Diversification Using Explanations
Cong Yu, Yahoo; Laks Lakshmanan, U. of British Columbia; Sihem Amer-Yahia, Yahoo! Research

Tree Indexing on Flash Disks
Yinan Li, Hong Kong UST; Bingsheng He, Hong Kong UST; Qiong Luo, HongKong UST; Ke Yi, HongKong UST

Data Leakage Detection
Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Stanford University; Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford University

Scalability for Virtual Worlds
Nitin Gupta, Cornell University; Alan Demers, Cornell; Johannes Gehrke, Cornell; Walker White, Cornell University; Philipp Unterbrunner, ETH Zurich

Efficient Query Evaluation over Temporally Correlated Probabilistic Streams
Bhargav Kanagal, University of Maryland; Amol Deshpande, University of Maryland

Temporal Outlier Detection in Road Networks
Xiaolei Li, University of Illinois; Zhenhui Li, University of Illinois; Jiawei Han, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Jae-Gil Lee, University of Illinois

CoTS: A Scalable Framework for Parallelizing Frequency Counting over Data Streams
Sudipto Das, UCSB; Shyam Antony, UCSB; Divyakant Agrawal, U. of California - Santa Barbara; Amr Abbadi, UC Santa Barbara

Concept Clustering for Evolving Data
Shixi Chen, Fudan University; Haixun Wang, IBM USA; Shuigeng Zhou, Fudan University

Dynamic approaches to in-network aggregation
Oliver Kennedy, Cornell University; Christopher Koch, Cornell U.; Alan Demers, Cornell

Chameleon: Context Awareness inside DBMSs
Hicham Elmongui, Purdue University; Walid Aref, Purdue University; Mohamed Mokbel, University of Minnesota

Accepted Industrial Papers

Long Papers

Updates in the AquaLogic Data Services Platform
Michael Blow, BEA; Vinayak Borkar, Yahoo; Michael Carey, BEA; Christopher Hillery, BEA; Alexander Kotopoulis, BEA; Dmitry Lychagin, BEA; Radu Preotiuc-Pietro, BEA; Panagiotis Reveliotis, BEA; Joshua Spiegel, BEA; Till Westmann

A Decade of XML Data Management : An Industrial Experience Report from Oracle
Zhen Hua Liu, Oracle; Ravi Murthy, Oracle

Design and Evaluation of the iMed Intelligent Medical Search Engine
Gang Luo, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

Finding Actionable Knowledge via Automated Comparison
Lei Zhang, Univ. Illinois at Chicago; Bing Liu, Univ. Illinois at Chicago; Jeffrey Benkler, Motorola; Chi Zhou, Motorola

Web Query Recommendation via Sequential Query Prediction
Qi He, NTU Singapore; Daxin Jiang, Microsoft; Zhen Liao, Nankai University; Kuiyu Chang, NTU Singapore; Steven Hoi, NTU Singapore; Ee-Peng Lim, NTU Singapore; Hang Li, Microsoft

Business Intelligence from Voice of Customer
L. Venkata Subramaniam, IBM; Tanveer Faruquie, IBM; Shajith Ikbal, IBM; Shantanu Godbole, IBM; Mukesh Mohania, IBM

Oracle Streams: a High Performance Implementation for Near Real Time Asynchronous Replication
Lik Wong, Oracle; Nimar Arora, Oracle; Thuvan Hoang, Oracle; Lei Gao, Oracle; Jingwei Wu, Oracle

A Static Analysis Framework for Database Applications
Arjun Dasgupta, University of Texas Arlington; Vivek Narasayya, Microsoft; Manoj Syamala, Microsoft

Query Rewrites with Views for XML in DB2
Parke Godfrey, York University; Jarek Gryz, York University; Andrzej Hoppe, York University; Wenbin Ma, IBM; Calisto Zuzarte, IBM

Short papers

Scale-up Strategies for Processing High-Rate Data Streams in System S
Henrique Andrade, IBM; Bugra Gedik, IBM; Kun-Lung Wu, IBM; Philip Yu, UIC

An Incremental Knowledge Acquisition Method for Improving Duplicate Invoices Detection
Van Ho, Univ. of New South Wales; Paul Compton, Univ. of New South Wales; Boualem Benatallah, Univ. of New South Wales; Julien Vayssiere, SAP; Lucio Menzel, SAP; Hartmut Vogler, SAP

rFEED: A Mixed Workload Scheduler for Enterprise Data Warehouses
Abhay Mehta, HP; Chetan Gupta, HP; Song Wang, HP; Umeshwar Dayal, HP

Accepted Demos

ACStream: Enforcing Access Control Over Data Streams
CAO Jianneng, SoC, NUS
Barbara Carminati, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy
Elena Ferrari, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy
Kien-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore

An Internet-Scale Service for Publishing and Locating XML Documents
Praveen Rao, University of Missouri-KC
Bongki Moon, University of Arizona

Automated Diagnosis of System Failures with Fa
Songyun Duan, Duke University
Shivnath Babu, Duke University

DynaCet: Building Dynamic Faceted Search Systems over Databases
Senjuti Basu Roy, UTA Haidong Wang,
Gautam Das, University of Texas at Arlington
Ullas Nambiar, IBM India Research Lab
Mukesh Mohania, IBM India Research Lab

Efficient and Robust Database Support for Data-Intensive Applications in Dynamic Environments
Jon Olav Hauglid, NTNU
Kjetil Norvag, NTNU
Norvald H. Ryeng, NTNU

Environmental Monitoring 2.0
Sebastian Michel, EPFL
Ali Salehi, Microsoft Research
Liqian Luo, Microsoft Research
Nicholas Dawes, Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF)
Karl Aberer, EPFL
Guillermo Barrenetxea, EPFL
Mathias Bavay, Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF)
Aman Kansal, Microsoft Research
Ashwin Kumar, EPFL
Suman Nath, Microsoft Research
Marc Parlange, EPFL
Stewart Tansley, Microsoft Research
Catharine Van Ingen, Microsoft Research
Feng Zhao, Microsoft Research
Yongluan Zhou, EPFL

Flexible Recommendations for Course Planning
Georgia Koutrika, Stanford University
Benjamin Bercovitz, Stanford University
Robert Ikeda, Stanford University
Filip Kaliszan, Stanford University
Henry Liou, Stanford University
Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford University

FRISK: Keyword Query Cleaning and Processing in Action
Ken Pu, UOIT
Xiaohui Yu, York University

Galaxy: Encouraging Data Sharing Among Sources with Schema Variants
Peter Mork, MITRE
Len Seligman, MITRE
Arnon Rosenthal, MITRE
Michael Morse, MITRE
Chris Wolf, MITRE
Jeff Hoyt, MITRE
Ken Smith, MITRE

GuruMine: a Pattern Mining System for Discovering Leaders and Tribes
Amit Goyal, UBC
Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo!Research
Laks Lakshmanan, U. of British Columbia
Byung-Won On, U. British Columbia

Hippocratic PostgreSQL
Jalaja Padma, Purdue University
Yasin Silva, Purdue University
Muhammad Arshad, Purdue University
Walid Aref, Purdue University

I3DC: Interactive Three-dimensional Cubes
Ke Yang, HKUST
Yinan Li, HKUST
Qiong Luo, HKUST
Pedro Sander, HKUST
Jiaoying Shi, Zhejiang University

KSpot: Effectively Monitoring the K Most Important Events in a Wireless Sensor Network
Panayiotis Andreou, University of Cyprus
Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti, Open University of Cyprus
Martha Vassiliadou, University of Cyprus
Panos Chrysanthis, University of Pittsburgh
George Samaras, University of Cyprus

MatchUp: Autocompletion for Mashups
Ohad Greenshpan, Tel-Aviv University
Tova Milo, Tel Aviv University
Alkis Polyzotis, UC Santa Cruz
Serge Abiteboul, INRIA

Online Near-Duplicate Video Clip Detection and Retrieval: An Accurate and Fast System
Zi Huang, University of Queenslabd
Liping Wang, University of Queenslabd
Heng Shen, University of Queensland
Jie Shao, University of Queenslabd
Xiaofang Zhou, University of Queensland

Peer coordination through distributed triggers
Verena Kantere, EPFL
Elli Androulaki, Columbia University
Iluju Kiringa, University of Ottawa
Timos Sellis, nstitute for the Management of Information Systems
John Mylopoulos, U. of Toronto

PLUS: A Message-Efficient Prototype for Location-Based Applications
Yuling Hsueh, Uni. of Southern California
Roger Zimmermann, National Uni. of Singapore
Wei-Shinn Ku, Auburn University
Haojun Wang, Uni. of Southern California
Chung-Dau Wang, Uni. of Southern California

QuickStart: an Upfront Client-based Design Advisor for Parallel Data Warehouses
Malu Castellanos, Hewlett-Packard
Ivo Jimenez, Hewlett-Packard
Neal Coddington, Hewlett-Packard
Hans Zeller, Hewlett-Packard
Steven Whang, Stanford University
Umeshwar Dayal, Hewlett Packard

SbQA: A Self-Adaptable Query Allocation Process
Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, INRIA and LINA univ. de nantes
Philippe Lamarre, LINA - Université de Nantes
Patrick Valduriez, INRIA and LINA univ. de nantes

Shaman: A Self-Healing Database System
Songyun Duan, Duke University
Peter Franklin, Duke University
Jack Li, Duke University
Dongdong Zhao, Duke University
Shivnath Babu, Duke University

SmallBlue: Social Network Analysis for Expertise Search and Collective Intelligence
Ching-Yung Lin, IBM
Nan Cao, IBM Research
Shi Xia Liu, IBM Research
Spiros Papadimitriou, IBM T.J. Watson, USA
Jimeng Sun, IBM TJ Watson
Xifeng Yan, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

The PRISM Workwench: Database Schema Evolution Without Tears
Carlo Curino, Politecnio di Milano
Hyun Moon, UCLA
MyungWon Ham, UCLA
Carlo Zaniolo, UCLA

WEST: Modern Technologies for Web People Search
Dmitri Kalashnikov, UCI
Zhaoqi Chen, Microsoft Corp.
Rabia Nuray-Turan, UCI
Sharad Mehrotra, UCI
Zheng Zhang, UCI

WISE: a Workflow Information Search Engine
Qihong Shao, Arizona State University
Peng Sun, ASU
Yi Chen, Arizona State University

XBLEND: Visual XML Query Formulation Meets Query Processing
Zhou Yong, Nanyang Technological Univ
Sourav S Bhowmick, Nanyang Technological Univ
Erwin Leonardi, Nanyang Technological Univ
Klarinda Widjanarko, Nanyang Technological Univ

V*-kNN: an Efficient Algorithm for Moving k Nearest Neighbor Queries
Sarana Nutanong, The University of Melbourne
Rui Zhang, University of Melbourne
Egemen Tanin, the University of Melbourne
Lars Kulik, the University of Melbourne