Registration Information


The registration fees for the participation at ICDE 2009 are as listed in the following table.

IEEE Members
Conference Only
600 US$
720 US$
Workshop Only
350 US$
420 US$
Conference & Workshops
700 US$
840 US$
Conference Only
750 US$
900 US$
Affiliated Workshop Only
440 US$
528 US$
Conference & Workshops
875 US$
1,050 US$
Student IEEE
Conference Only
275 US$
330 US$
Conference & Workshops
375 US$
450 US$
Conference Only
350 US$
420 US$
Conference & Workshops
475 US$
570 US$
Additional Paper fee (Authors Presenting Multiple Papers)
200 US$

The early registration rates are valid until February 28, 2009.

We strongly recommend that participants register online through the conference registration system.
(**Note: You may receive warning message when you visit the online registration system, for details, please consult the online registration help)

For registration-related issues, please send an email to the following address:
ICDE2009 [at]

Note: If you have made a conference-only registration and wish to upgrade it to a conference & workshops registration, please send an email to Dehua CHEN ( The extra fee will be paid on site.

Authors Presenting Multiple Papers:

It is the IEEE policy to require the registration of at least one author per paper. However, the ICDE 2009 organizers have reached the following compromise trying to accommodate the new policy while not penalizing authors of multiple papers unduly:

It is acceptable to have a co-author register for a paper even if another co-author will present it. In this way, if author A has paper 5 and 10 and he is presenting both papers, it is OK for A to register for paper 5 and for another co-author who will also attend the conference to register for paper 10 even if A will present both papers 5 and 10. However, if one author is registering to present multiple papers without any coauthor attending, there will be an additional fee of 200 USD per additional paper that single person will present.

In this case, the author should first register regularly for the first paper, then do another registration for the additional paper by choosing Additional Paper fee in the registration category through the conference registration system. Please note that one registration can only include ONE paper, each additional paper has to be registered again by choosing Additional Paper fee category (200 US$).

Note that if a multiple registration author has both conference paper(s) and workshop paper(s), he/she should first finish the full conference and workshop registration (category "Conference and Workshops" above) and then register for additional papers, if there are more than one conference or more than one workshop paper. For example, an author who will present 2 conference papers and 3 workshop papers without any other authors of these papers registered has to pay the "Conference and Workshops" registration fee plus 3*200 USD for the remaining 1 conference paper and 2 workshop papers.

On-site Registration:

Attendees who opt for paying at the registration desk must pay with one of the following credit cards or by cash:

  • VISA,
  • Master Card, or
  • American Express

The registration booth will open on March 28th (Saturday), from 3pm to 7pm. Between March 29th (Sunday) and April 1st (Wednesday), the booth will be open from 8am to 5pm. On April 2nd (Thursday) the booth will be open starting at 8am till 10am.

On-line Registration:

Please use the following secure website for online registration:

Link to the Conference Registration system

Offline Registration:

If you have problems using the online registration system, please download one of the following forms, fill in your details, and send it to ICDE 2009, according to the instructions at the end of the form.

Registration Form (PDF)
Registration Form (MS Word)
Multiple Papers Form (PDF)
Multiple Papers Form (MS Word)

Visa Letters:

The participants who need to apply for a visa should begin the visa application process as soon as possible. For the visa purposes, a letter from the Local Arrangements Chair can be obtained by contacting:

Jiajin LE with email:
Subject: Visa Letter ICDE 2009

In the email, please provide some of your other information including title of accepted paper (if the participant's paper has been accepted), affiliation, mail address, phone number, paper or scanned version of the invitation letter. Only registered participants will receive invitation letters.

As to visa application, we advise you to apply for Tourist Visa instead of Business Visa in order to make it easier for you to get Chinese Visa.